BMW-World Opening
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There are 2 automobile assembly plants in Michigan that could be in danger of closing, and one of those plants is right here in Mid Michigan.

The Lansing Grand River assembly plant is being called underused, industry analysts are saying that the plants are operating far below their production capacity.  Analysts along with some UAW officials are worried that the factories need to build  more vehicles or they could face the same fate as 3 other factories.  Those factories, that GM has said they will idle next year include the Detroit-Hamtramck, Lordstown Ohio, and a factory in Ontario, plus two transmission plants that are located in the U.S.

One industry analyst said that if you are below 80 % capacity, then you are not making money , and that is not a long term sustainable position to be in.

The U.S. market is not growing right now, and customers that are buying prefer SUV's or pickup trucks.

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