"Gilligan's Island" debuted on CBS-TV on September 26, 1964 and ran for three seasons; yet the show keeps getting new fans and stays extremely popular. It is a regular fixture in Pop Culture and the debate of "Ginger or Mary Ann" continues after half a century.

Ironically, Dawn Wells (Mary Ann) and Tina Louise (Ginger) are the only two cast members still living. Dawn keeps the name alive by releasing books and documentaries on the show and making personal appearances at conventions and TV shows. Tina, who tried to eradicate her memory of the show, has embraced it somewhat in the past few years, to the delight of fans.

I had the honor of interviewing Dawn a couple of times (as you see in the picture here) and she is always gracious about answering questions about the show.

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So, as we're a few months into the 50th 'commemorative' year of Gilliganism, embrace it yourself and enjoy it's mindless pleasure!