Gilletts Lake sits in Jackson County just east of the city of Jackson. I lived in a cottage on the lake back in the late 1970s and I can attest to the fact that the fishing is good. I remember one summer I went out to the backyard and began fishing on the shore; within two hours I caught 25 fish, mostly bluegill and perch. One time when my son and I were out in our canoe, he caught a small pike.

Other fish inhabit Gilletts Lake, like catfish, largemouth-rock-smallmouth bass, and walleye. One summer I borrowed some scuba gear and went diving through the lake and swam out to the center. Swimming underwater, I came across a bed of clams – hundreds of 'em, all open. As I approached, they quickly closed, with their bodies still sticking out of the shell.

In the spring when the lake ice thawed, some of the large soft-shelled turtles that got trapped under the ice would sadly wash up on the shore.
Yeah, living on Gilletts Lake for a few years was a good time.

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As for the name: the majority land/park owner was Frank Gillett who sold his part of the property in 1925 for $2,300. The State of Michigan bought the lake in 1986.

1 ½ miles long
Max depth: 30 feet
Average depth: 5 feet

My poor old wooden canoe couldn't withstand the lake weather and soon, I had to take it out into the lake and give it a decent burial. For all I know, it may still be out there on the bottom. Also, I experienced quicksand when I was scuba diving out in the center of the lake. I stood up in five feet of water and began to sink. To me, it appeared to be quicksand, so I flattened out and swam off.

Gilletts Lake Park is a good place to take the family and as mentioned earlier, the fishin' is excellent. The gallery below has some underwater drone photos so you can get an idea what the bottom of the lake looks like.

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