Local real estate agent James Pyle has had this in the back of his mind for quite some time now. His latest listing, a home built in the early 1900's, gave him the perfect opportunity.

Agent Pyle and Photographer Bradley Johnson took a fun idea and created a lot of buzz about the listing. When folks flip through photos of the home that is listed on Chestnut Street in Lansing, they will find "Ghostface," the mask from the Scream movies. One shot has him peeking out of a closet, another sitting casually in a chair, standing on the back porch, getting ready to carve a pumpkin in the kitchen and a few more shots. This has really created quite the buzz, and the family that is selling the home was all on board for it.

Pyle said his goal was to get one thousand views, that number is over 20 thousand now and keeps growing. "I just wanted people to take a look at the listing and smile, laugh and have fun with it" said Pyle. He said this reaction has been a lot of fun.

James Pyle is a real estate agent for Century 21, and you can see the listing and photos online.

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