Most of you have heard of Upjohn Pharmaceuticals, right? The man himself, Dr. William Erastus Upjohn, is said to haunt the Brook Lodge in Augusta.

The Brook Lodge originated in the 1800's as a dairy farm and was purchased in 1895 by Dr. Upjohn to be a summer home for the Upjohn family.

Dr. Upjohn passed away on October 18, 1932 of a heart attack in the Doctor's Cottage and evidently haunts the place to this day. Guests and employees of the lodge have reported hearing disembodied footsteps, the piano playing by itself, and strange noises of all sorts. Guests who stay in the Doctor's Cottage don't stay long; thanks to the continuous bizarre noises & occurrences, they usually request to be given another room. Guests in the Carriage House also claim to experience paranormal activity.

The West Michigan Ghost Hunters Society investigated the property in 2008 and came away wondering whose spirit is actually haunting the place: Dr. Upjohn's, other family members, or maybe even the original dairy farmer?

The lodge closed in 2009 and purchased by Michigan State University in 2010. MSU sold the property in the summer of 2018.

Brook Lodge has 16 buildings with a total of 48 guest accommodations...but the future of this property seems to be unknown at this time. Whatever becomes of the place, you can be assured the spirits will be right along there with it.

The grounds are beautiful, serenely masking the ghosts that may lurk in the surrounding shadows.

Located at 6535 N. 42nd Street in Augusta in Kalamazoo County, just ten miles west of Battle Creek.


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