Ghostly Woman On Drake's Island
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A trio of nationally known "paranormal Investigators" intends to spend part of Saturday night investigating an 'alleged' haunting on board the USS North Carolina.  The investigators hope to prove the 80 year old battleship is home to the spirits of one or more dead sailors.

Professional 'ghost hunters' Steve Gonsalves, Chris Smith and Mike Goncalves will start their investigation this Saturday after dark.

A crowd of people who bought tickets to watch will follow them from compartment to compartment.

In the ghost haunting world, these three men are considered celebrates, thanks to shows like the Syfy Channel's "Ghost Hunters",and Destination America's "Ghost Asylum".

Saturday night's investigation on the ship, which lost 10 sailors in a battle, but survived being stuck by a Japanese torpedo in 1942.  Now turned into a floating museum, the battle ship continues to fascinate paranormal investigators.

According to records on the battleship, during the second world war, a soldier died in the ships bathroom during a torpedo strike.  Sources say he is one of the ghosts to haunt the USS North Carolina, and they add that he is by no means alone.

People on board the ship say they have seen full-bodied apparitions in passage

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