Courtesy of London Records

Unusual that I post two rock questions in a single day...but here they are - and thanx for the questions!

Q: Is the Rolling Stones song GET OFF OF MY CLOUD a drug song? If not, than what?

A: It's so stupid that back in 1965 some radio stations refused to play this song because they figured that being 'on a cloud' meant you were high. Un-freakin'-believable. It's simply a song about not wanting to be bothered. Keith Richards said: " GET OFF OF MY CLOUD was basically a response to people knocking on our door asking us for the follow up to SATISFACTION which was such an enormous hit worldwide.....I mean not only was it a #1 record but, boom! We thought, 'At last. We can sit back and maybe think about events.' Suddenly there's the knock at the door and of course what came out of that was GET OFF OF MY CLOUD. Because within 3 weeks, in those days hey, they want another single. And we weren't quite ready for that. So it was our response to the knock at the door: 'Get off of my cloud'." Mick Jagger followed-up Keith's remarks with: "That was Keith's melody and my lyrics. It's a stop-bugging-me, post-teenage-alienation song." GET OFF OF MY CLOUD went to #1 for two weeks around Thanksgiving time, 1965.