The Farmers' Almanac predictions are in and it isn't looking like we are getting away with an easy winter. According to the Farmer's Almanac Extended forecast, all of Michigan and the U.P are expected to see a cold and very flaky winter.

We have had some pretty easy winters, at least the last two, but this one is looking like it won't be. The Almanac is predicting we are going to get some cold months ahead as well as some winter storms with snow and lots of it. They are predicting lots of snow for places that usually get a lot, so basically whatever our average snow fall is, is what we will probably be getting this year.

Now don't panic yet. Last year they predicted we were going to get a "Polar Coaster" but that never happened. The reason, according to the Almanac, was because of the jet stream which stayed north of us giving us and the rest of the U.S warmer temperatures in January and February this year.

You can see more about it here.

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