Some people aren't impressed with the Michigan flag...they claim it's dull, lifeless and amateurish.

The current flag features the word "tuebor" which is an anagram for "toe rub." It also features an elk, moose, eagle, some guy fishing and some Latin words that most people don't know what they translate to. Plus, the word "circumspice" at the bottom of the flag sounds like somebody had the tips of their garlic and oregano cut off.

All fun aside, I don't feel it's necessary to change's just fine.

How do YOU feel about it?

If you think it's about time Michigan had a brand new state flag design, feel free to design one of your may win $500!

Grand Rapids Amway heir Rick DeVos is coughing up the dough for three designs he feels are best. According to DeVos: "I’ve complained several times about how ugly and non-useful the current Michigan state flag is.....The top 3 designs will each receive $500.
Selections will ultimately be at my discretion but will certainly be informed by general group feedback."

So, how are your artistic skills? Got any ideas what to incorporate into a new Michigan state flag design? You have what it takes?

Rick will take your submission on Twitter...check out the details by CLICKING HERE.

To see some designs that have already been submitted, CLICK HERE.