This is the craziest thing I've ever seen. GM plants being shut down because of a semiconductor shortage. And it's not just local, this is a global shortage.

Without these much needed chips for new vehicles, most people will be unable to buy several new vehicles produced at North American Plants.

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According to the Lansing State Journal:

The Delta plant, where GM produces Chevy Traverses and Buick Enclaves, has been shut down since July 19. Meanwhile, GM is stowing hundreds of inoperable vehicles across Lansing as they await the in-demand microchips.

I drive by Graff Chevrolet in Okemos just about every single day and see used cars for sale. The one thing I don't see are new vehicles in the parking lot because of this semiconductor shortage we're dealing with.

The same goes for many other dealerships throughout the Greater Lansing area. Big on used cars, and that's just about it for now.

The Lansing State Journal also tells us:

While the plant is idled, GM will continue shipping vehicles without chips to dealerships, Davis said. "During the downtime, we will repair and ship unfinished vehicles from many impacted plants, including Lansing Delta Township, Fort Wayne and Silao, to dealers to help meet the strong customer demand for our products," she said.

These chips by the way which are produced overseas, are used in so many different car parts.

And I'm not sure if you heard about this yet, but because of this semiconductor shortage, it's not a good time to buy a new vehicle. This is based on the shortage of new cars which has caused prices to go up.

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