I was asked if I could find out some information on a place called Gasburg in northern Jackson County. No, not Gasbag…Gasburg, just a little over two miles northwest of Munith and seven miles southwest of Stockbridge.

The area that was once known as Gasburg sits at the intersection of Fitchburg and Territorial roads, quietly tucked away with a smattering of homes but no businesses.

John Conlan was the town doctor who received his degree in 1878 from the University of Michigan and immediately set up his practice in Gasburg. He stayed in Gasburg until 1889, when he moved his wife, family, and practice to Munith. He came Munith postmaster in 1901. He passed away in 1906 at the age of 57 and is buried in the Munith Cemetery.

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Richard & Julia Pixley came from New York in 1836 and began residing on a patch of wild land in Henrietta Township. Not content, Richard sold his property and bought 240 acres near the area now known as Gasburg, a community which Richard had a hand in developing. Richard made his living in Gasburg as a carpenter, and was in great demand for his excellent work. He constructed homes, barns, and business buildings throughout the Jackson area.

Julia passed away in 1866 at age 60 and Richard remained living in Gasburg until his passing on April Fool’s Day, 1880 at the age of 77. He and Julia are both buried in Munith Cemetery.

What else is known about Gasburg? The Methodist church was removed and placed in Munith in 1887. There was also a pickle factory just a tad west of the Fitchburg/Territorial intersection.

There is very little written about Gasburg, and it doesn’t even show up on old maps or atlases. If you didn’t know of its former existence, driving through you wouldn’t think anything of it; but now that you do, it will mean a little more.

Ghost Town of Gasburg



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