Summers in Michigan are the best, but gas prices in Michigan are not the best.

AAA says that Michigan gas prices are the 15th most expensive in the Country..(especially on summer weekends and holidays)

Living in Michigan you soon learn that you need to fill up your car on any other day than a Friday, that is usually when prices peak, and Tuesday is when prices at the pump are usually down. reports that some of the lowest prices today, (Monday)can be found at Costco in East Lansing where gas is $2.62 a gallon, and Sam's club is $2.67 a gallon.  Most other gas stations are around 3 dollars a gallon.  (now wondering if I should get a member to those stores...).

Bottom line, prices for a gallon of gas in Michigan go up and down, a lot.  Here is a fun fact Michigan is 1 of 4 States in the U.S. to expected to go up this week.   Lucky us!

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