You've probably played this game before but not like this. Of course you know all the big name celebrities that were born in Lansing right? At least you think you do. But what happens when we give you a great big list and see if you can pick out who WASN'T?

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Take a look at the names and videos below (try to guess your answer before you watch the video). And decide if they were or weren't born in Lansing. Then scroll down and peep the photos in the gallery to see if you were right (or only know about half as much as you think you do lol). You love Lansing so THIS should be a piece of cake.

Good luck. It's tricky. We threw you  couple of curveballs.

Burt Reynolds

Earvin "Magic" Johnson

Steven Seagal

Stevie Wonder

Director John Hughes

Matthew Lillard

Chris Hansen

Timothy Busfield

Larry Page Co-Founder of Google

DJ Infamous


Which Celebrity WASN'T Born In Lansing?

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