Who's ready for summer fun? I think we all are. Summer is all about fun and being creative when it comes to finding things to do.

And everyone knows what makes them happy, so let's all go to a happy place and come up with a list of things to do this summer.

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Tops on my list this summer is hiking. I love nature and i love to walk and there are so many nature trails to choose from in Michigan. I like to go to local parks just to walk the hidden trails.

What about eating slices of watermelon on the ends of popsicle sticks. It's a delicious summer time treat and kids love watermelon.

Next up, take a biking trip around your own neighborhood. Of course you don't want to do this by yourself, it always great to go biking with family and friends. Make a day of it.

Beach volleyball is another fun thing to do in summer. In fact, they have volleyball nets set up at Lake Lansing in Haslett and there's always a game or two being playing every time I go there.

How about camping in your own backyard? Just pitch a tent, play some music, and just enjoy the great outdoors. And don't forget to make delicious s'mores.

Putt putt golf comes to mind. Everyone loves a fun game of putt putt. There's several places to play putt putt in the Greater Lansing area. It's great family fun!

Boating and swimming always go hand in hand. Swim at your favorite lake or lakes all summer long and have a blast. If you enjoy boating, then by all means go tubing or skiing and enjoy yourself.

Here are more great ideas for summer fun in Michigan, courtesy of apartmenttherapy.com.

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