This year will be marked as a year of continued uncertainty, anxiety, and a lot of stress related eating.

My plan this year is to focus on better eating habits and to simply stop stress eating. There is no need to stress about stress eating.

According to, as most of us await the arrival of new vaccines and the hope for a more healthful way of living. Here are several tips to get a jump start on fueling your body to feel better in 2021:

1. Include immunity boosting foods in your diet. We're talking about foods that are packed with vitamins and minerals that support a healthy immune system. Foods including citrus fruits which include orange and green veggies. Fatty fish and shellfish are packed with vitamins.

2. Experiment with new recipes. My wife Lori and I try to do just that at least once a week. Cooking at home can be so much fun and it gives you control over ingredients and also helps you increase your consumption of nutritious foods. There are lots of websites, videos, magazines and books that offer delicious recipes.

3. Plantify your dishes. Eighty percent of chronic diseases we face are preventable and reversible by eating a more plant based diet. Switching to more plant based meals and cooking more are the two silver linings of the pandemic.

4. Choose fiber and protein rich snacks. Boosting your fiber and protein will help you crave less sugar. This will be helpful as we aim to follow the newly released US dietary guidelines that urge us to limit our sugar intake.

5. Consume more fluids. It's important to stay adequately hydrated. Even mild dehydration can be a physical stressor to the body. Consuming an adequate amount of fluids can help to prevent symptoms of dehydration, including fatigue and dizziness.

It's time to shift your focus from calorie counting and self judgement of food choices to eating more mindfully and listening to what your body is telling you it wants. Here is more information from

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