Frito-Lay is putting their money where my mouth is.  In a brilliant move, the company is now letting you the consumer make your variety pack with YOUR own favorite Frito-lay snacks.

The snack food giant, based out of Plano Texas says that fans have been asking for years to be able to create their own favorite assortment of snacks and i for one applaud their decision  because a variety pack can not have enough sour cream and onion chips as well as Cheeto's  and chili cheese Frito's.

The company says that on-line shopping has grown during the pandemic even for snack food shopping.  Offering customized shopping gives the consumers the variety they are shopping for.

  "Since we launched last year, we've seen it resonate with consumers, and out team has uncovered insights to continue giving our consumers more of what they want" said Michael Lindsey, chief transformation and strategy officer, Frito-Lay North America.  "delivering customized offerings makes for a more personalized snacking experience.

Recent data from a Snack Index survey found that

Shopping online is going to be around for the long haul.  Shopping in stores will never go away, but more people are trying online shopping and sticking with it.

Online shopping is a  convince that is here to stay.  The survey found that once shoppers shopped for their snacks online, they continued to do so, and offering them a choice in their snack options was a homerun idea.

With approximately 42% or higher of adults working from home and their kids virtual   learning from home, variety in their snack choices was a key thing.

I am going to take this idea and run with it, I plan on ordering personalized variety snack packs for my girls for Valentine's day   A gift I know they will love.\

   Frito-Lay has more information on their website or at

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