The scariest hotel in America? Some say yes. The  Hotel was originally built in 1845, then it was destroyed by fire, rebuilt and became the Shanley Hotel in 1907.

The Upstate New York Bed and Breakfast is now said to be the scariest places in the U.S. to spend the night. Because of the frequency of paranormal experiences that guests have had at the hotel, no one under the age of 16 is allowed to stay there.

Many guests at the Shanley have seen rocking chairs rocking on their own, mysterious clock chimes, cold and hot spots, whistling, footsteps, piano music, the laughter of children, even the aroma of cooking when no food is being prepared. Shadow figures and spirits have also been seen.

Some of the spirits that guests have seen around the Shanley include a mourning woman, many think that would be Beatrice Shanley who lost her 3 children all before the age of 1, James Shanley who is thought to be behind the whistling in the hallways, a Victorian woman and even a ghost cat.

If you want to be spooked, have at it and make your reservation at the Shanley Bed and Breakfast in Napanoch, New York.

I will take a hard pass on staying at a Haunted Hotel. I have seen a couple of ghosts and that is enough to last me a lifetime. If you're up for an adventure on the spooky side, let me know how it turns out.

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