As with many haunted stories, legends and rumors, there are always skeptics, believers & the curious. Whether you choose to believe any or all 'haunted Michigan' stories or not, ya gotta admit: our state has it's share of weird occurrences, some are true and some are tall tales.

In the past year, I've done a couple of posts about supposed supernatural occurrences happening in Fowlerville.....well, it seems there are plenty others. Some of these sound ridiculous, others....who knows. But here are four more frightening Fowlerville folk tales that you can believe if you so choose.....

1) Witnesses say they've seen the spirit of a young Civil War confederate soldier appear in the Fowlerville hardware store.

2) Does anyone from Fowlerville recall the death of one of the town's homeless people or local tramp? Supposedly, the ghost of a street bum has been seen wandering the streets at night, looking into shop windows, mailboxes and trash cans. Those who know about this believe it indeed is a former Fowlerville resident.

3) Here's a another that I'm asking residents if they recall.....was there ever an escaped convict or prisoner hiding out in Fowlerville? It seems a phantom figure - in chains & shackles - has been spotted crawling out of the sewer or street drains on one of the streets in town.

4) Sixteen miles away in the Brighton Recreation Area, the apparition of an oil tanker captain has been seen and heard calling out people's names (crewmen names or names of residents? Don't know) near the park office. It's said that this ghost does not like to be interrupted or called upon while he is doing his roll don't.

Well there ya have 'em. Four more Fowlerville fables to frighten the family. Are any of these tales familiar? Have you heard talk of at least ONE of 'em? Either Fowlerville is a central area for paranormal activity or someone there is spending WAY too much time attempting to circulate scary tales about his or her town.

Does anyone have some input you can add?

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