Frankenmuth is one of the top travel destinations here in Michigan.  It's all about German Heritage, festivals, and their world famous chicken dinners.

And let's not forget about delicious German beer to go along with Frankenmuth's chicken dinners.

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My wife and I have stayed at Bavarian Inn several times in Frankenmuth and we've had the time of our lives. And the biggest reason why we love it so much, you can't beat the all you can eat chicken dinners.

There are two very popular places that serve the world famous chicken dinners.  One of them is Zehnder's of Frankenmuth, and the other one is called Bavarian Inn Restaurant. We've been to both establishments and they are excellent.

After you have your chicken dinner, you can go on a really nice horse-drawn carriage ride throughout the town of Frankenmuth. The carriages are white and very beautiful.

Frankenmuth also offers a very nice riverboat cruise and you can even go zip lining at Frankenmuth Aerial Park which is a lot of fun.  I highly recommend zip lining before you sit down for your delicious chicken dinner.

Another big highlight at Frankenmuth:

Enjoy the Magic of Christmas

You need to check out Bronner's Christmas Wonderland.  This place is not only magical, it's wonderful. You can find just about anything and everything related to Christmas. My wife and I love Bronner's!

I did want to mention that when my wife and I stay at the Bavarian Inn Lodge, they do have a family fun center that will keep the kids and adults entertained for hours. They even have a putt putt course in the Fun Center as well.

There's so much to see and do in Frankenmuth and that's why you need to take the whole family so you can really enjoy what Frankenmuth has to offer. can fill you in on everything for summer fun in Michigan.

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