The only town/village/city in the entire state of Michigan that flew four different flags -  American, British, French & Spanish - is Niles, a/ka/a the "Four Flags City."

Niles is another of Michigan's many, many historical towns (come to think of it, it's hard to name a Michigan town that ISN'T historical!).

Aaron Montgomery Ward, founder, Montgomery Ward

John Francis Dodge and Horace Elgin Dodge(1864–1920), automobile industry pioneers

Ring Lardner, Sr., story writer and sports columnist

Tommy James, of Tommy James and the Shondells

Tommy Shaw, member of Styx

Dave Schmidt, Major League Baseball pitcher

Jason Newsted, member of Metallica

Rudolph, their famous two-headed lamb fort, the Underground Railroad and pictures by Chief Sitting Bull.

Niles is packed with 1800's architecture and oozes with can feel it when you visit. Examples include the Niles Railroad Depot and the Chapin Mansion at the corner of 5th and Main Streets, now known as the Niles History center (SEE PHOTOS ABOVE). There's also the Fort St. Joseph Museum where you can check out the town's extensive history.

Pay a visit to Niles...add it to your Michigan roadtrip itinerary and take a drive-thru soon!