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The NFL has huddled with Epic Games to bring a bit of football to the popular online game.  Players will now be able to get NFL team outfits in the games Battle Royale item shop beginning Friday

Here is how it works.  Once a player gets a uniform for any one NFL team, they will be able to customize it with a jersey number each time they use it, and even swap it out for a different team's helmet, jersey pants and cleats.  So if you are wearing Green Bay Packers gear, and realize your mistake (HA!)  you will be able to suit up in Detroit Lions gear for the next time.

For the Fortnite player, uniforms will be available for male and female characters  and they can switch jerseys and numbers any time they use the outfit.

Mark Rein, co-founders of Epic games, said "allowing our players to represent their favorite teams in the game was to cool of an opportunity for us to pass up, and we could not be happier how it turned out.

The new NFL outfits will be priced comparable with other skins.

Professional players in football, soccer and other sports have broken out into 'Fortnite' celebration dances during real-world sports events.

Bottom line, this is a pretty big deal!



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