So much cool stuff to see in the Irish Hills.....unfortunately, the majority of the attractions have closed down for good.

Prehistoric Forest, Frontier City, Stagecoach Stop, Pirate's Adventure Golf & Park, the Family Fun Center, the Go-Karts, miniature golf, the Irish Hills Towers.....just about all that's left is Mystery Hill and various restaurants and bars.

The dinosaurs of Prehistoric Forest are still lurking in the woods in various forms of decomposition.

Frontier City is practically bare except for a few old roads, trails, and a building.

Stagecoach Stop still stands in all it's cowboy glory but with no daily visitors...except now it incorporates the Cowboy Creek Lodge.

The miniature golf course that was next to Mystery Hill has been replaced by a gas station.

Pirate's Adventure Golf and Family Fun Center are practically side-by-side, weeds popping through the abandoned tracks.

Just west of Prehistoric Forest was a go-kart rental, where you could drive the karts on a trail that went through the woods. The road that led down to the go-karts has been gated off so we can't drive down there and reminisce.

The Irish Hills Towers still jut into the sky, nice & proud, but with no visitors.

Below are some drone photos, showing great shots of Prehistoric Forest, the St. Michaels Shrine (not abandoned), the Adventure Park and Family Fun Center. It may be somewhat sad to see these once-great amusements from our childhood shut down & neglected, but at the same time, it might evoke a sweet memory of when you were a kid.


The Former House of David Amusement Park

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