Prehistoric Forest was a place all us kids enjoyed going to year after year down in the Irish Hills. Unfortunately – and for a reason I'm not sure about (probably Michigan International Speedway opening?) – people lost interest in the Irish Hills area as a place to go have fun. Which makes NO sense...the Speedway is just down the road, which means it COULD have brought more & more people to the amusements at Irish Hills. But what do I know?

Go-Karts, Mystery Hill, Miniature Golf, the Towers, rides, amusement park, souvenirs…it was a great family place back in the day. So what happened? I find it hard to believe - even with Michigan International Speedway just down the road - that people looking for summer fun would completely ignore this place.

Today's generation expects 99% of all special effects to be computer-generated and would probably scoff, sneer and pooh-pooh at the dinos in Prehistoric Forest. What they wouldn't realize is: it's not all about the's the fun of exploration and getting involved in something different & wondrous...and those great trinkets to be bought in the souvenir shop!

Check out the photo gallery below and see what all the ‘forgotten’ dinosaurs of Prehistoric Forest look like to this day. It’s a sad reminder of what our childhood has lost...and what today's children are missing.

If you can acquire permission to go back there and explore yourself, it's kinda cool...and not that hard to get permission. Just ask one of the business owners down there who to contact.


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