The Chippewa County town of Eckerman may as well be labeled a ghost town, as there aren't many people left...and maybe a couple of businesses.

The town was founded by a logger by the last name “Eckermann” in 1889. A post office was to open that same year but the man who was supposed to be postmaster was never commissioned so it took two more years before it opened. When it finally did in 1891, it doubled as a train station along the Duluth, South Shore & Atlantic Railway. Frank Bussette did double duty as both postmaster and railroad station agent. In 1900 the last “n” was dropped from the name and from then on was 'Eckerman'.

Although Eckerman was a logging community, they had their share of woes. The sawmill burned down twice: in 1925 and 1942.

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When the railroad closed down in 1931, it was a blow – no longer could they rely on logging by rail; improved roads made it easier for truck to haul the timber.
The mill finally closed for good in 1958.

Over the years since then, the residents that remained in Eckerman began noticing the number of tourists that were traveling by auto through the state. The area soon had a couple of places to cater to vacationers and roadtrippers; The Tumble Inn, with food, drink, and a dance floor and the Silver Creek Lodge, complete with a restaurant and cabins to rent.

Nowadays those seem to be gone, except for the post office and a church.
Have a look at a handful of photos below.

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