Vehicle recalls are always a pain because you have to schedule an appointment and find the time to take in your car/truck. In this specific recall, Ford Explorer SUVs are being recalled over fears that the roof rails could possibly detach and fly off while driving.

According to Wood TV, Ford Motor Co is recalling 661,000 Explorer sport utility vehicles at the request of U.S. regulators because retention pins could loosen and allow roof rail covers to detach from the vehicle.

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What Explorer models are being recalled?

If you're currently driving an Explorer SUV, the recall covers 2016 through 2019 model year vehicles. SUVs covered by the recall have roof rail covers that are painted silver, black or absolute black.

Yes, you will be notified by Ford

If for whatever reason you're not sure if you're SUV is one that is covered under the recall, Ford will contact you. They will start contacting customers starting on June 28th. More than likely you'll get something via the mail, email or a simple phone call. In most cases, they'll reach out using all three methods.

Wood TV also reported that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration first inquired about the issue in early 2020 following 11 reports of roof rail cover detachment. Ford initially said a recall was not necessary because of the low likelihood of a roof rail detaching.

The good news

It's not a safety feature, so it won't affect you if you were to get into an accident or anything like that. However, it could be an issue if the roof rail cover was to fly off and hit a car traveling behind you.

As of right now, Ford is not aware of any accidents or injuries related to this condition.


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