This happens way to much, when I go grocery shopping I am so focused on my 'list' that when I get home I find I have nothing to make for dinner.  This is why having certain items on hand will help you throw a meal together in a pinch.

These items that you should always have in your pantry or fridge, can help you pull a ,meal together, when you have almost run out of ideas on what to prepare.

Rice and pasta, always a good choice,  those items are flexible and can be used for a casual dinner or a fancy one.  Very good to have on hand.

Pizza dough, a brilliant item to have.  You can make a pizza at the drop of a hat, or calzone, and even breadsticks.   You can make the dough ahead of time and even freeze it if need be.

Rotisserie chicken, this is an amazing protein and can be used in so many dishes.  Chicken salad, a casserole, white chicken chili, or chicken soup.

Eggs, are another staple to have around, I always have hard boiled eggs at the ready, they are great for a quick snack or to mix up a quick egg salad for a sandwich.  I even had someone tell me that they chop eggs up and put it in their gravy for Thanksgiving. (Full disclosure I have not got the nerve up to try this yet.)

Tortillas, are handy for a quick wrap sandwich, or even a breakfast burrito, there is a lot of possibilities.  You can even make your own tortilla chips.

With our being in the midst of the pandemic you may not feel comfortable running to the store all the time, so these can help.   Also a few more items to have on hand...

Cheese, canned beans even whipping cream.


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