You can never stop learning about new food trends, especially when it comes to flavor, products and ingredients. Let's take a look at food trends that are going to be huge in 2021. From mushroom broth to pancake bites.

In 2021, your fridge, pantry and fanny pack will be full of delicious, cutting edge new snacks and staples. (

Here's a sneak peak:

1. Well Being is served. The lines are blurring between the supplement and grocery aisles. In 2021, try the trend of Beekeeper's Naturals B. Powered Superfood Honey. How about mushroom superfood mighty mushroom broth. Also on the list, fresh exotic fruits like Buddha's Hand.

2. Epic breakfast every day. They always say start your day with a delicious healthy breakfast. Are you ready for pancakes on weekdays? What about sous vide egg bites and even eggs made from mung beans? This is going to take some time to get used to. How about hot smoked, cold smoked, just egg folded plant based eggs. Even better, pancake bites.

3. Coffee beyond the mug. Oh-oh, here we go. You can now get your coffee fix in the forms of coffee flavored bars and granolas, smoothie boosters and booze, even coffee yogurt. Coming is 2021, Jameson cold brew Irish Whiskey. Or how about Marge Granola Georgetown Coffee Nib Muesli. Add to this list, cold brew coffee with vanilla, blender bombs coffee and almond butter & cacao smoothie booster.

4. Basics on fire. Home chefs are looking for hot, new takes on pantry staples. Get ready for reimagined classics like hearts of palm pasta, applewood smoked salt and meaty vegan soup.

5. Baby food, all grown up. Why can't things be more simple like Gerber Baby Food? Parents have never had a wider or richer range of ingredients to choose from. We're talking portable, on the go squeeze pouches full of rhubarb, rosemary, purple carrots and omega 3 rich flaxseeds. How about this for the little ones, apple butternut squash with ground oats and turmeric.

Okay, you have to take a look at the other five food trends coming our way in 2021. Here's the website: (

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