Flint has had it's ups, downs, disappointments and successes over the decades. Here are some facts about this city that has survived SO much:

1) The city got it's beginnings in 1819 with a single trading post; it was incorporated into a city in 1855.

2) It's the largest city in Michigan's Tri-State area; and the seventh largest in the entire state.

3) In the 2000's Flint was named one of the "Most Dangerous Cities in the United States."

4) GM's Buick & Chevrolet divisions were founded in Flint.

5) Flint was instrumental in the founding of the UAW.

6) AC spark plugs originated in Flint.

7) Karen Weaver became Flint's first female mayor in 2015.

8) Keith Moon, drummer for The Who, drove a car into the Flint Holiday Inn swimming pool in 1967, when The Who, The Blues Magoos and Herman's Hermits were in town for a concert (read THAT story on mlive by clicking here).

These few items are just a tip of the historic iceberg that is Flint, Michigan. There is SO much more you should know about Flint; not just the negative stuff. If you haven't been paying attention to Flint in recent years, catch up with them at cityofflint.com and learn more about their current status and happenings.

Watch the above video and see the film "To Touch A Child" that was shot in Flint in 1962. You'll enjoy it.