Are you riding into 2020 with the "New Year, New Me" attitude? It's always the biggest question you get when it comes to a new year, "What are your resolutions?" We can all be honest with ourselves that resolutions are good to make and are fun to work towards at first, but that fades and your resolution falls to the wayside.

Here are a few of our favorite products to help you stay on track with your new goals for the new year to kick off the new decade!

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    A planner is such a simple tool that can help you feel a lot more organized in the new year! Aside from keeping track of appointments, bills and other various schedules, many planners nowadays have goal trackers for you to write down the things you want to achieve and mark your daily progress. Writing it down helps hold yourself accountable!

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    Time-Marked Water Bottle

    Want to live healthier in 2020? Start simply with drinking enough water! This jug, while a bit cumbersome, is marked with specific times and encouraging messages to help you track your intake. It also comes in over 20 colors.

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    Wearable Fitness Tracker

    Fitness-tracking watches have been all the rage the past few years, but it's because they really work! Not only do they track your heart rate and other vitals but it also tracks your progress through all your various fitness goals.

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    Money-Saving Tips Anyone Can Understand

    Who doesn't want to be better about managing or saving their money? Why not start simple? Every cent counts, so even starting small can lead to big rewards over the course of a year!

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    Therapeutic Workbook

    Sure, "workbook" makes this seem like it is something you would only do as homework, but that's basically what improving yourself is. We all have our own struggles, and this can help anyone looking to pinpoint them and work on their own mental health in the new year! It's incredibly hard to rework your mindset, which is why "New Year's Resolutions" are meant to be things you carry throughout the year.

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