You Should Start Practicing "The One That Got Away" Story Now

This is a legit story. My brother and I have planned an awesome Father's Day weekend for my pop.

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My brother lives up by Frankfort and the last time I visited, we started talking about fishing. I used to live in Alaska for a bit before I moved back home and we got to talking about halibut and salmon. And how I have a friend in Alaska (Fairbanks) who sends me salmon every now and then. His name is Ken and he is the Alaskan Fishing King Supreme. That's him in the middle. He's pretty decent at this.

Ken Vehmeier via Facebook
Ken Vehmeier via Facebook

We got to wondering if you could go salmon fishing in Michigan. Next thing you know we've booked a charter boat to take dad out on Lake Michigan to see if we can catch some Michigan salmon and brag about it.

Tiny Bubbles here we come.

Only thing we have to bring are coolers and fishing licenses. As luck would have it I was going to get mine THIS WEEKEND.

I was online cruising by WILX on Facebook and saw this.

You know what that means right?

Two Weekends Of Back To Back Fishing

And I can wait a week before I have to purchase my license because next weekend is Free Fishing Weekend in Michigan.

A great time to grab the kids, put down the phones, pick up a pole, and try to get a fish or two on the line.

You ever see a kid's face light up when they catch a fish? It's magical.

Here's the details.

All fishing license fees will be waived for two days. A Recreation Passport will NOT be required for entry into state parks and boating access sites during Free Fishing Weekend. Residents and out-of-state visitors may enjoy fishing on both inland and Great Lakes' waters for all species of fish. All fishing regulations will still apply. (

Remember safety first and then free fishing next weekend (June 12th and 13th) in Michigan.

We'd love to see what you catch. Send us a picture using or free mobile app.

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