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I was reading on MSN this morning about a first date and how it went right down the toilet.  So, let me set up the story...a Reddit user shared a text exchange with a woman that he had gone out on a date with.

Yes, this could be called the date from Hell.

The Gentleman said he usually pays the whole on a date.  But as a student on a budget who also works 60 hours a week just to buy food and books, the date who ordered the expensive meal and he did not want to pay for it.

Check out what she ordered ,lobster (of course) and to go with that she ordered a $90 dollar bottle of wine, JUST FOR HER.

The date actually started out well, but then the girl kept talking about another guy that she really liked.  FYI not a good move on a date.

One commenter said that there are certain red flags that you pick up on a first date to show that this person might not be the right one for you.

So after the date, he sent her a text asking if she would like to go out again.   Her response was "how could you possibly think I would go out with you again?  He was confused as to why.   Her reply, "you made me pay for my own meal".   Now keep in mind her meal alone was over $100 dollars ….lobster and a 90 dollar bottle of wine, while he had pasta and a beer.

To me the conversation end when he said I am a college student who works 60 hours a week to buy food and books, I am not your sugar daddy....and the 'relationship' pretty much ended there.

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