This is the 15th and final season of American Idol.   Trent Harmon, La Porsha Renae and Dalton Rapattoni are the final three contestants on the final season, and all three will perform for America's votes for one final time tonight.

Trent Harmon said, "I don't think people are gonna realize it, but the book is about to close.  And then maybe a few years down the road they're gonna say, wow, I really miss that show."

I remember watching the very first season of American Idol and absolutely loved the show.  Kelly Clarkson was the first American Idol winner based on millions of votes.  Kelly is one of the best singers and is played on many radio stations across the country.

Carrie Underwood has made a name for herself, as well as Daughtry, David Cook, and so many others.

Tonight, each contestant will revisit a favorite performance from earlier in the season, and sing two additional songs.  At some point though, one of them will be eliminated, leaving only two standing, and one will be crowned officially on Thursday night.