Michigan's "Elvisfest" is coming to Ypsilanti in July...details are below. BUT FIRST: here's the latest "Elvis sighting"...this time, it was at Graceland itself.

Evidently, some people believe Elvis faked his death to get away from all the hubbub, get healthy and try to live a normal life.

The guy in the video is the groundskeeper of Graceland, and some die-hard fans feel this IS Elvis himself.

Why? Their "proof" is in the video.

As he walks up to the camera, he raises his left hand to 'scratch' his head; instead, he raises two fingers in the "V" sign. This 'sign' in Chaldean Numerology is '9', or the 'Proof of Life'. Is he giving us all clue that he's alive and well? Some fans - who refuse to accept he's gone - believe so.

HOWEVER.....I will say this...if you freeze the picture when he gets close to the camera, there are some facial similarities between this guy and Elvis.

It is taking place in Ypsilanti on July 8 & 9 in Ypsi's 'Historic Depot Town' (their version of Lansing's 'Old Town'?). It's good, clean, cheezy fun, even if you're not an Elvis fan. Numerous Elvis impersonators - or, as they like to be called, "Tribute Artists" - will be on hand to keep everything on an even keel. Check out details by CLICKING HERE.

Good summer Michigan fun!