Everyone can have their own opinion when it comes to vaping or what type of vaping products they can choose from. Personally speaking, I'm not a vaping fan and never will be.

According to USA Today, the Food and Drug Administration said that it will ban fruit and mint flavored products used in e-cigarettes and vaping products whole allowing vape shops to sell flavors from tank based systems.

The FDA will begin enforcing the rule banning fruit and mint flavors within 30 days, and the regulatory agency will target companies that market to youths.

The flavoring ban does not apply to menthol and tobacco flavored products. Vaping shops win a concession that will temporarily allow them to sell flavors in stores from tank based systems, which allow people to mix their own nicotine and vaping juice.

By the way, a sharp rise in teenagers vaping nicotine and THC and a vaping related lung injury epidemic has already hospitalized 2,561 and led to 55 deaths.

The best advice that I could give right now following the above information, stop vaping and focus on your health and well being. We're starting a brand new year, so now's a good time to make better choices.

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