The Thanksgiving table at my home growing up always had  my favorite side dish.  Mashed potatoes,  That has always been my go to comfort food, and on Thanksgiving I love my mashed potatoes covered in delicious turkey gravy and (this is where I lose people) I like to add cottage to that mix, and it is delicious.  Seriously, don't judge!

Turkey is great, but come on, for many of us turkey is not always the star.  How many times a year do you make homemade stuffing?  For me it's once a year.   Totally bragging here, but my stuffing is amazing.  I make an Italian stuffing with sausage and other yummy ingredients, and like most cooks, it only is served once a year.

My oldest daughter has a favorite side and its been the same one since her childhood, Mac and cheese.  Who doesn't love homemade mac and cheese.

Other must haves for the Thanksgiving table, sweet potatoes covered with yummy marshmallows.   Growing up sweet potatoes wasn't usually on our table, but now in my house it is a house favorite.

Brussel Sprouts cooked with bacon has found its way back on the menu for Thanksgiving dinner, delicious!  Creamed spinach is a favorite for many, and so is glazed carrots. (not a fan).  Cranberry sauce is another Thanksgiving must have.  My husbands favorite, but he likes the cranberry sauce, in the can and he likes it all in one big glob served with the ridges from the can still showing.

Don't forget green bean casserole, a Holiday staple for many famlies.

A staple on the Southern table for the holiday is corn bread.  Which is served many times through out the year at our house, thank you Jiffy Corn Bread mix.

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