Last week, the Macy's company sent out a news release saying that they would be closing some 200 stores that were under performing. Along with the store closings, the 'high end retailer' also said that they would be cutting over 2 thousand corporate jobs which would eliminating 9% of their corporate and support positions.

So far, when I checked, the Macy's in the Meridian Mall was not on the closure list. That called for a re-con (or shopping trip) to the store in person.  What I found out was that the Okemos Macy's is not shutting down. In fact the employees and managers said that our Macy's would be growing. The Meridian Mall Macy's is one of the stores that is doing quite well, so instead of closing, the store will be growing. One of the biggest changes coming to the Okemos Macy's is that they will now be selling furniture, along with everything else.

Great news for those of us who love to shop there, which is totally me.

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