A time for cold temperatures, snow, a plethora of holidays.....and people constantly breaking through the ice.

It seems that whenever someone accidently falls though ice, it comes as a shock. I mean, we all know that ice is not guaranteed to hold up, right? We can't really tell how thick ice is when we walk on it, correct? So why do people insist on walking way out onto a lake or worse yet, driving onto it?

Okay, sometimes it's obvious when ice will hold a person, but it doesn't mean it will keep your vehicle above water. Why do people drive onto ice-covered lakes? To haul their ice shanty out to a fishing spot, or even to an open fishing spot.....most other reasons are usually to show off, or they're drunk.

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Driving onto lakes to ice fish has been a Michigan wintertime staple ever since there were automobiles.....sometimes there are so many vehicles on an ice-covered lake at one time, it looks like a little lake village. The main thing to do is use common sense and precautions if walking or driving on ice. There continue to be more ice accidents every year. And yes, that includes snowmobiles.

The photo gallery below shows some Michigan ice accidents, with people on foot falling thru and others losing their vehicles after driving onto ice-covered lakes.



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