Detroit Tigers v Chicago White Sox
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Totally bragging, I went to my first football game of the season.   The downside was that we did not get to tailgate.

Tailgating is one of my favorite things.    Nothing is better in the fall than sitting in a lawn chair, wearing your Green and White, drinking adult beverages and filling up on some of the best food!  I have found that some of  the best tailgate food is bite sized so you can grab and go.  Sometimes holding a plate interferes with my drinking..LOL.

Some of my favorite foods to eat at a tailgate, well, my chili is one.  I make it with steak instead of ground beef, and my favorite layered Mexican dip (David Letterman’s Mom's cookbook), and my sausage  stuffed won ton's.  Washing it all down with an ice cold Sparti Parti beer.

Yes, a west Michigan Brew company has come up with two beers for fans of MSU and U of M.  Big Lake Brewing is offering the two different  beers this season for fans of either team.

'Haze and Blue' is the U of M themed beer, it was released to the public last month, and Brewer Zach Dreyer added blueberry puree to the base beer.  M Live, says the results are a beer with a little taste of blueberry, and they call it "extremely drinkable".

For fans of the Green and White there is SPARTI PARTI, which is described as having a stronger taste, no fruit in this beer, apparently it's all malt, hops


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