There are so many things to tell you about the state of Michigan that we've written a couple of articles with "fun facts" already. You can see my previous article here. Now here I am again with even MORE fun facts.

I have lived my entire life (so far) in Michigan, yet I find there are still things about this wonderful state of ours that I didn't know. Like the fact that we are the Wolverine State and no longer have any living wolverines here. I found that fact and many more in an article on

A Lansing born physicist and Michigan State University graduate Donald B. Keck, helped  develop the first 'optical fiber' for use in telecommunications. On behalf of my career in communications, thank-you.

Every summer one of the spots I go without fail is to Grand Haven.  Love the town, love the area and love the beach's.  So, why did I not know this fact.  Grand Haven is famous for its 'singing beaches' which, apparently, make a whistling sound when you walk on them.  Seriously?  I have never heard of that before, so I guess this summer I will be on a mission to see if this 'fact' is true or false.

Can you guess which Michigan city got so fed up with kids wearing pants so low, that it showed their underwear and far to often their butt crack?   Flint, back in 2008.  If the police see it you will be arrested.

We have to just own this next fact, Michigan, meaning, Detroit  and the auto industry gave us the 5 day work week.  Because of the labor movement, workers got 2 days off every week.  So, yup, a 5 day work week is much better than a 7day, but can we talk about the 4 day work week?  Asking for a friend.

If you are ever driving in Detroit, traffic is usually bad and drivers are, well drivers are  crazy.   I guess that makes sense for this fact, Detroit was the first city to have the yellow caution light in their stop lights to help prevent accidents.

Vernor's Ginger Ale,  This gingery drink was developed by a druggist in Detroit, and now is the oldest soft drink still on the market.

Finally, Hollywood owes Michigan a big thank-you.  Some of the biggest names in in the biz  hail from Michigan.  Director Francis Ford Coppola , who gave us the Godfather Movies, and Apocalypse Now, just to name a few was born in Detroit.

Super Producer Jerry Bruckheimer,  Pirates of the Caribbean, Bad Boys, Beverly Hills Cop, and Top Gun just to name a few of his Blockbusters.  On the TV side, Bruckheimer gave us the original CSI, and all the ones to follow.  Another Detroit native.

Who didn't love The Breakfast Club, Ferris Buller's Day Off, Home Alone and Pretty In Pink?.  We have Lansing born John Hughes to thank for those beloved movies from the 80's and 90's.

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