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Chances are, you know someone who is too stubborn to wear a face mask. My doctor -- who sees sick patients all day -- doesn't believe face masks are effective or even necessary. (And don't get me started on his politics, which he shares generously.)

But Bill Nye -- how could anyone disagree with the Science Guy?

Bill Nye, the popular PBS and Netflix posted the videos (below) on Tik Tok, demonstrating the effectiveness of face coverings. (Holy crap. Bill Nye is on Tik Tok!)

"Face masks like this one prevent particles from my respiratory system from getting into the air and then into your respiratory system," he says in the video.

Nye then goes on to demonstrate the use of an N-95 mask, often used by members of the medical community.

"The reason we want you to wear a mask is to protect you, sure,," Nye says. "But the main reason we want you to wear a mask IS TO PROTECT ME FROM YOU AND THE PARTICLES FROM YOUR RESPIRATORY SYSTEM FROM GETTING INTO MY RESPIRATORY SYSTEM!" (Caps Lock engaged because he actually shouted.)

Nye then concludes by making a plea for all of us to wear masks when we're out in public.

"Everybody, this is a matter literally of life and death," Nye says. "And when I use the word 'literally,' I mean 'literally' a matter of life and death. So when you're out in public, please wear a mask."


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