People have been wondering who the heck Elton John is singing about when he mentions "Sugar Bear" in his hit SOMEONE SAVED MY LIFE TONIGHT. Well, now you can find out as I answer another of your Rock music questions right here:

Q: Here's something that's had me quizzical over the years. Who is Elton John referring to as “Sugar Bear” in the song SOMEONE SAVED MY LIFE TONIGHT?

A: The song SOMEONE SAVED MY LIFE TONIGHT (#4, 1975) was written by Elton John & Bernie Taupin as a biographical story about Elton's engagement to Linda Woodrow in 1969. Elton hadn't revealed his sexual preferences yet and was struggling with his impending marriage; it was distressing him so badly, that he was contemplating suicide. During this time Elton confided in his friend, musician Long John Baldry, who in turn encouraged him to break off the engagement - otherwise it could ruin what might become a very prosperous music career (Elton had previously been a member of the band Bluesology with Baldry, who was openly gay and even had a brief fling with Kink member Dave Davies). Years later, while Elton and Bernie were composing the mid-1970's biographical album “Captain Fantastic And The Brown Dirt Cowboy,” Taupin wrote Baldry into the lyrics of the track SOMEONE SAVED MY LIFE TONIGHT as "Sugar Bear" and the "someone" in the title.