The small Michigan Thumb town of Ellington sits between Caro and Cass City in Tuscola County at the intersection of E. Dutcher Rd and E. Caro Rd.

The township of Ellington was established in 1855 and a great old 1901 township hall still sits just northeast of the junction.

Suggestions for the town name were "Eden" and "Paradise" - both were turned down and used for a couple of other Michigan towns - and for reasons still unknown, named it 'Ellington', probably after a settler or benefactor.

In 1864, Simeon Botsford built the first house in what was then known as Ellington Corners. A post office began operations in 1862, and Darius H. Gould built a structure, which was turned into a general store. These were the beginning, as other businesses and homes followed suit.

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The nearby Cass River was busy with the lumber business and Ellington became a popular stagecoach stop - one of THE places to go for travelers and shoppers.

As with many lumber towns, once the timber dwindled, so did the town. The post office finally closed down in 1905.

What’s left of Ellington now sits at the junction with a few old abandoned structures still standing, as you can see in the photos below, including what appears to be a former church and the 1901 township hall.

It should be a definite drive-thru on your Michigan Thumb roadtrip…take a look below and see what I mean. Great old photo ops!



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