It's true...happened this morning.

With all the dryness in the air - thanks to the super-cold weather - there's an extra abundance of people getting zapped by static electricity. I've been getting zapped now for a few weeks, but this morning was the worst.

I reached to latch the chain-lock on my front door and got a huge <*ZAP*> along with the biggest spark I've ever seen in static electricity. Instinctively, I pulled my arm back.....but too ripped some muscles in my shoulder, with enough pain that seemed like the ball had come outta the socket.

Solutions? Not any that you can keep consistent with, like going barefoot or carpeting your entire home with rubber. If you are getting zapped more than usual, try smacking your hands together a couple of times before you touch anything metal...sometimes that works.

If you have any other easy solution, let me's tickin' me off!