The town of Eaton Rapids has always been known as "The Only Eaton Rapids on Earth." I've been to Eaton Rapids so many times that I know most of the roads by heart.

According to WILX, the intersection of Main and State Streets in Eaton Rapids is being called a danger zone by many of the people who live there.

This comes after two accidents in just about 24 hours. The latest victim was a 69 year old man who was crossing the intersection on his bike.

There have been close to 10 accidents in 2019. They are in the neighborhood of around 10 crashes at the intersection since Jan.1 this year.

Just the other night, a bike rider was crossing through the intersection and crashed into the side of a car.

Another accident took place at that same intersection where a pedestrian was crossing at the intersection and crossed against the light and a vehicle traveling through the area struck the pedestrian.

Eaton Rapids Police also added that the intersection is under the jurisdiction of the Michigan Department of Transportation so they are unable to add any light or signs for extra safety.

What's that old saying? Enter at your own risk but be extra cautious at the intersection of Main and State Streets in Eaton Rapids.

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