The Grand Island East Channel Lighthouse is located north of Munising on Grand Island and was built to help boats & barges get through the channel to Munising. It's made almost entirely of wood, and was constructed in 1868.

After 40 years, it closed down operations in 1908. As time wore on, the lighthouse wore down. It was feared the lighthouse couldn't withstand many more years of being eroded away by storms and waves that came through the channel from Lake Superior; therefore, a committee was formed to help save the lighthouse.

It's been rescued, restored, and remains unpainted to this day to retain the old rustic look of the way it was when first built in 1868.

It's an awesome place to visit, whether you travel (walk) through the woods to get to it, or if you take a boat, kayak, canoe or tour. Best bet? Since you can't drive to the island, take your own personal canoe/boat/kayak and spend a few hours there. Super-kool spot to visit this year!

As always, if there are any "no trespassing" signs up, heed them and seek permission before exploring - and avoid possible prosecution.


Inside the White Shoal Lighthouse

The Lighthouse Ladies

Deserted Fourteen Mile Point Lighthouse

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