In Bay County's Beaver Township, lies the tiny community of Duel.

Duel began as a post office somewhere between 1892-1897, not far from the Kawkawlin River. Once the post office was established, the area saw a few other businesses pop up: a blacksmith, general store, heading mill (manufacturing barrel lids), and a sawmill.

By 1910, the population had risen to 150.

The post office shut down for good in 1908 and by 1918, there was no population. Nowadays, a handful of residences dot the countryside near the old downtown.

These days, Duel's former downtown has no trace of its former self - the awesome old store on the corner (SEE PHOTOS BELOW) was demolished sometime after 2012. Very sad to see that structure town down, as it was the last vestige of what Duel once was. With all the original shops & stores all gone, the area is now considered to be a ghost town. The only business that exists in Duel is the more recent Duel Bar.

Duel is located at the intersection of Flajole & W. Parish roads, about 19 miles northwest of Bay City and 11 miles from Midland.

Drive thru sometime.


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