At the corner of Rochester Road and Casey Road, southwest of Dryden and a half hour east of Flint, lies the South Dryden Pioneer Cemetery.

At this intersection some years ago, three teenagers were out joyriding on a fog-filled night and wound up crashing, killing all three. Since then, strange, weird occurrences have taken place at that intersection.....

1) Ghostly headlights come toward you & disappear.

2) The sound of an automobile crashing on a tree and the squealing noise of twisting metal can be heard.

3) Screams, cries and pleas for help.

4) Residents in the area have seen lantern-type lights glowing in the graveyard; sometimes the lights show up in their yards. Once they went outside to investigate further, the lights simply disappeared.

5) A dark shadowy phantom-figure was seen by visitors in the rear of the graveyard lurking near a stone memorial marker. Near the marker is an old tree; this phantom-figure broke off a branch and proceeded to chase the visitors.

The spirits of the three deceased teens? That's the consensus...that's the belief. Why don't you drive out there some night and find out for yourself? It's not that hard to find. Take I-69 past Flint until you get to Exit 163. Turn right on South Lake Pleasant Road. When you reach Sutton Road, turn left. A little ways down is Rochester Road; turn right and the intersection of Rochester Road & Casey Road is a few miles down. The graveyard will be on the left.

If you visit, treat the place (& neighbors) with respect and don't litter, vandalize or make noises. Have fun but don't ruin the experience for others.

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