If there's one thing I'm guilty of, it's not drinking enough water. Even my son and daughter drink plenty of water and they ask me to do the same.

Experts tell us that women should drink at least 9 cups of water per day. Men should drink 12.6 cups of water. And yes, this is better than drinking eight glasses of water per day.

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So the question is: Does water help you lose weight?

Here's what mlive.com had to say:

Fun fact: The act of drinking water can increase the number of calories you burn in a day and increase your metabolism.3 One randomized clinical trial found that women who increased water intake over time lost weight, even without other interventions.4Another study found that drinking water before meals may help reduce calorie intake at meals.5 This is likely because you’ll feel fuller when it’s time to eat. However, more studies are needed to understand how much water to drink a day to lose weight.

We all know that drinking lots of water every single day is definitely good for you. What about people who drink lots of soda?

I'm one of the many who drink probably too much soda just about every day, in fact, I drink more soda then I drink water. I usually stay away from the sugared drinks, but I do drink way more diet soda than I should.

This from mlive.com:

If you’re a soda drinker, swapping the sugary drink for water could give you a major weight loss boost! In a randomized controlled trial, individuals who substituted caloric drinks with noncaloric drinks for six months saw an average weight loss of 2% to 2.5%.6 This may be because water contains zero calories compared to sodas. Even with this simple change, you may be able to see modest weight loss over time!

It's very important to keep the right hydration balance. If you would like more information about drinking water to lose weight, please take the time to click on the above link for all the information.

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