Doughnut-eating man arrested on suspicion of robbing Ore. doughnut shop
Portland Police Bureau

At 40 years old you would think he knows better, but apparently when it comes to doughnuts some folks just get a bit stupid.

This doughnut caper took place in Oregon. 40-year-old Christopher James, 'allegedly' jumped over the counter of a Voodoo Doughnut location and then began filling a box up with some of the delicious treats. He apparently threatened workers with a hatchet.

Police were called, and the suspect fled on foot. He was captured just a block away, sitting on the curb, hatchet right beside him eating his doughnuts. James tried to outrun police, but as he was full of doughnuts he was not moving at his fastest.

Christopher James is now in the Portland, Oregon jail facing numerous charges.

What local or kind of doughnut would you be wiling to go to jail for? My choice would be a Triangle from the bakery in Owosso, or a custard filled Long John from Quality Dairy. Both are pretty much jail-time worthy.

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