Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Poopsday. Both my blogs today were about poop. Coincidence? Or trying to connect the two? No on.....

Wednesday, some numnut was attempting to steal a parked truck in Des Moines, Iowa; when his attempt failed, he grabbed a bag sitting in the bed of the truck, determined to at least get SOMETHING for his efforts. As I'm sure he did, upon inspecting the bag later, he found it was dog poop.

The driver of the vehicle reported this incident and valued the missing poop at one dollar.

If found, this would-be burglar - and poop bandit - would be charged with third-degree burglary.

I'm imagining what would happen if he WAS caught and put in jail. Sitting around in the tank with a gaggle of other criminals, each one taking turns describing their crimes to the others.
"Grand theft."
"Stole money from an old lady."
"Destroyed government property."
"Assault and battery."
"Knifed a store owner."
"Stole a buck's worth of dog poop."

Then the laughter and jeering would start.

It's no lie: the Des Moines Register reports that the dog poop has been valued at $1.

You've already read all the details...but if you must, CLICK HERE to reiterate.